Vettel made it happen!

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Sebastian Vettel: “To be honest – and I shouldn’t say – but I was shitting myself the last couple of laps because the thoughts were coming into my head. I was looking at the top of the chassis and thinking, ‘This is a red car and you are about to win’

An inspired Sebastian Vettel has taken Ferrari to its first F1 victory in 35 races after strategically out-foxing Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg to win an enthralling Malaysian Grand Prix.

A decision to remain on track during an early safety car period would prove a shrewd one as Vettel focused on his own two-stop strategy, while Mercedes’ attempt to get the jump by pitting early and getting the less favourable tyres out of the way fell foul as it couldn’t recover the difference in its three stops during the final stages. vettelferrariwin

Coming in only Vettel’s second outing as a Ferrari driver, his performance marks the Scuderia’s first win since the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix and the first non-Mercedes winner since the 2014 Belgian Grand Prix.

A faultless race from start-to-finish, though it was Hamilton that got the better start from pole position, Vettel successfully rebuffed the attentions of Rosberg behind him to hold position in second, while Daniel Ricciardo, the fast-starting Felipe Massa and Danill Kvyat rounded out the early top six.

Further back, scuffles would break out with Pastor Maldonado – who crashed out on lap one in Australia – suffering a puncture at the first turn, a fate that would also befall Kimi Raikkonen at the start of lap two when his left-rear was clipped by Felipe Nasr into the last bend, forcing all three to pit.

With Marcus Ericsson spinning out on lap four, the arrival of the safety car would ultimately change the landscape of the race as Hamilton and Rosberg both dived for the pit lane, the latter being forced to queue behind his better placed team-mate and the pair emerging on the harder prime tyre in an effort to get the jump early on.

Crucially, however, Vettel would decide to stay on track and persevere with the option tyres in an effort to escape with the benefit of a clear track. A strategy Read the rest of this entry »

Loeb secures first victory of 2015!

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Sebastien Loeb has won for the third time in his WTCC career. WRC legend has gotten his first win of the new season out of the way early, winning the second race of the opening round.Citroën Total WTCC - Loeb

On a wild start that saw multiple cars go off track, Loeb sliced through the pack and taking control by the end of the first lap in a daring three-wide pass. He was joined out front by teammate Ma Qing Ha who had to give up the track position when grass blocked his grille.

Despite a Safety Car bringing the pack back together (and extending the race to 15 laps), no one was able to take the top spot from Loeb, who cruised to the third victory of his WTCC career. Teammate and Race 1 victor Jose Maria Lopez placed second with Honda’s Tiago Monteiro third.

In the chaotic second race, a big moment involving two Citroens with Yvan Muller spinning Mehdi Bennani, who rebounded to finish fifth. Muller was forced to pit soon after. Gabriele Tarquini came home fourth.

Battling pain to begun with, the day got worse for Dusan Borkovic who spun early and tore up the front of his car.

Possible problems with MP4-30.

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McLaren has an explanation for the incident, saying that because of aerodynamic problems, winds destabilized the MP4-30 causing it to reach the wall. Also it is rumored fumes due to bad design, may have entered in the cockpit causing fainting to the Spaniard. mp4-30

In order to clarify the exact causes of the accident, the FIA ​​initiated research, in collaboration with McLaren.

The World Federation will try to have the widest range of tools for research, even a low-quality video showing Ferni trying to control his car.

Hosted by the charismatic trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, “Top Gear’s” unorthodox and irreverent approach to automotive journalism has made it popular with fans and critics worldwide. Since its inception in 1977 as an automotive news magazine and the show’s 2002 reboot into the current format, “Top Gear” has become a British television institution.
The BBC-produced, Emmy Award winning car show can be seen in over 200 countries around the world.
At its core, the show aims to be informative, but does so with a unique blend of hyperbolic comedy, action, and drama that crosses the boundaries of age, gender, and culture. “Top Gear’s” unique storytelling method and irreverent attitude helped the show generate 350 million viewers a week worldwide, as well as a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most-watched “factual” TV program.
“Top Gear” executive producer Andy Wilman describes it as, “a journey into the male mind, which I believe, is a really, potentially, very funny place — ’cause, let’s face it, nothing happens there.”
He’s right,but 40% of “Top Gear’s” audience is actually female!
In fact, the show’s near-universal appeal has helped turn it into a $1.5 billion brand, with spinoff series in Russia, Australia, South Korea, and the United States.
What makes the original the most fun is the inimitable chemistry between the show’s trio of hosts. In fact, the program is propelled as much by their sometimes caustic camaraderie as it is by cars. One of the highlights of the show is the constant personality clash between the pedantic James May and the bombastic Jeremy Clarkson.

In 2006, Richard Hammond was nearly killed when the right-front tire of the Vampire jet car he was driving burst at nearly 300 mph, leading to a catastrophic crash. The accident, which caused the host to suffer memory loss and brain damage, had safety activists calling for the show’s cancelation. Fortunately, Hammond, known on the show as “The Hamster” due to his diminutive stature, returned to show just three months later without missing a single episode.
Unlike most American network shows, the BBC and “Top Gear” are funded by British taxpayers, which means the hosts can pretty much say or do whatever they want without fear of retribution from sponsors.
One of “Top Gear’s” most popular characters is the show’s unofficial mascot and mysterious resident professional test driver. Producers created the mute, helmet-clad character because they needed an adequately skillful driver to navigate the show’s test track, located at a former air force base.
“Top Gear” takes its style of automotive journalism to the extreme via over-the-top globetrotting adventures. Instead of simply telling viewers whether a car is good or bad, the show will also subject vehicles to extreme real-world conditions. In 2007, Clarkson and May became the first people to drive to the North Pole, when the pair piloted a modified Toyota Hilux truck through the Arctic.

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