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After 4 months of inactivity, the third round of the National Rally Championship is expected to offer strong competitive moments and smiles to all involved in motor sport. With entries reaching 56,  the 44th Rally D.E.Th.  has entered the final straight. rally D.E.Th

Starting with “small” found in the category N2 between 7 total participations Anagnostakis – Hapsa with Suzuki Swift Sport, Trifon – Theofanidis, Kyriazis – X”Panagiotou Mermygka – Katsioni and Touliatos – Rendi with Citroen Saxo VTS, with completely different character and expectations for the race. The seven fill out Taflikos – Tatsios with Peugeot 106 S16 and ARMAKI – Miliadis with Nissan Micra.

In A5 involvement reported by Kehagias – Karavasilikos a Toyota Starlet, Vaitzidis – Kaparos a Peugeot 106 and Velez – Partalios and Tsakiris – Intzoglou a Toyota Yaris, from whom we expect an interesting battle.  Them joined also  the crew “Pazonen” – Kougias with Toyota Yaris.  In the highly competitive A6 holdings reduced from 12-14 that used to be to just  8 but this does not mean that it has weakened any interest.  The internal “race” between the two Peugeot 106 on Halkidiki still exists and Caravasilis -Kollaras,  Sanidas – Triantafillou both to be ready to claim victory, but figuring always the quiet power of silver – Gkalfa. From near ready to shoot the Kyparissia – Karliotis, Xenokostas – Rob, Alex and Demetrius Vangelis and Gkiorgkis – Watermelon in also a Peugeot 106. As for Thanasis and Alexia Tsitsigianni expect a decent show as always with the Citroen Saxo.

In the A6 and A7 + varied things as the 20 crews who have registered promise pageant, competition, differences in hundredths of seconds and broad smiles to the audience that go to the mountains of Halkidiki. The battles within the categories are many and varied. The Constantine – Saritsoglou will be confronted with the rapid Xalivelakis – Knives with both Peugeot 206 Kit Car, while the first have to face a rival from the Rally Bulgaria 2009, the Stratieva – Nedialko a Citroen C2 R2 but also synteknous (cm Crete) Perakis – Kourougkiaouri. The sequel looks thriller since Razor Zachos brothers revitalized the Renault Clio Ragniotti, facing the Cosmopoulos – Eftychiadi a Renault Clio R3 Maxi and Pavlidis – Kyrlagkitsi with lovely Citroen DS3. In contrast to “lurk” “youth” Vatsa – Theofanidis with upgraded Renault Clio R3 Access, the Gerodimos – Kotsilianos a Honda Civic Type R, the Ronnie – a black Peugeot 207 R3T and Beslidis – Dwarf with VW Golf Gti III Kit Car . The twenty complete, the newly proud father of a healthy daughter, John Valavanis Tsavdaridis co-driver and the famous orange Honda Civic Type R, the Anthony and Paul Baxevanakis a Honda Civic Type R, the Thomopoulos – Alexoudis a Renault Clio Williams, the hairs – Georgousis a Citroen Xsara, the Karagkaziopoulos – Sersemis a Seat Ibiza, the Theodore and John Anastasoviti with Opel Astra GSI and finally the Cuckoo Cross with the new passenger Stathori the famous Ford Escort RS 2000.

Rally D.E.Th. Map.

Rally D.E.Th. Map.

In A8 entries are only three, Velanio – Velanio the Mitsubishi Evo VIII Group Herons, the Doulkeridis – Papazoglou a Seat Ibiza and Dimitri and Katerina cops station with Mitsubishi Evo VIII. One is a participant in Class EU12, the evergreen Dimitris Manolopoulos the now legendary Renault 5T Maxi passenger and his son Thomas, while vintage cars have their presence in the economically – Carnation with Ford Escort MK1 RS 2000. EE11 In the beautiful and fast Citroen ZX Kit Car will be driven by John and Vangelis Konstantinidis. Without a fight will not “fall” but the group as Adreadis – Mavridis a VW Golf II will not Charistou anyone. Joining them in the category Calves – Cuckoo John with Peugeot 205 Gti and Patsias – Karmatzoglou a Renault Clio Williams.

Finally the “strong” category N4 crews would fill only two dozen. The participants of the classes are known and dear to all viewers … with Mitsubishi Evo X Fleas – Kontos, Tzampazi – Alexiades and Nikos and Dimitris Karpanos. With the Mitsubishi Evo IX Kirkos – Polyzois with the Mitsubishi Evo VIII Kaloudis – Rufus, and Pantelis Topsis with Kostas Tsotsos the right bucket. With Subaru Impreza will compete are very capable local Mafrodis – Kehagias and Spanos – Gotovos.

The reading of names alone is enough to realize that this is a place to race competitively superior. The crews have registered and the A.O.TH. promising, as it did in the 43rd Rally D.E.Th. and the revival of the ascent Zagliveri to arrange a match worthy of the history of the group and the Panhellenic Championship Rally.

The A.O.TH. thanked the Municipality of Thessaloniki and Polygyros Team Volunteers Samaritans, corporations D. Tzampazi SA , The feed companies Triantafyllou, company Pantelis Topsis with lubricants Silkoil and ANEK LINES for their invaluable support in organizing the event. Also a thank you to sponsors Metrosport, Metropolis FM, TV100, Fm 100, XTV, Athos 100,4, ERT3, OASTH and the magazine Auto Tuesday.

Service park area

Service park area

The promotion of motorsport in Greece affects us all. On 17 & 18 September will be held on 44th Rally D.E.Th. the Panhellenic Championship Rally. Tell a Friend.

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