Vettel will win anywhere says Lauda.

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Niki Lauda says he is sure that Sebastian Vettel will continue to be successful in F1 even if he elects to leave Red Bull in future.Vettel will win anywhere

Vettel wrapped up his third successive title in Brazil last weekend to become the youngest triple champion in the history of the sport – and only the third to secure three championship crowns in a row.

The German has already insisted he is committed to Red Bull in future after plenty of speculation over the past twelve months linking him with a move elsewhere.

However, Lauda said he expected to see the 25-year-old move on at some point in his career but said he had no doubt that he would continue to be a success.

“He will eventually move somewhere else,” the Austrian told CNN. “It’s normal. Any skier changes his skis every year – so you have to change your cars at least once in your history. I changed my racing cars three or four times in my career and still kept on winning. He will do something like this for sure as well.”

Reflecting further on Vettel’s success, Lauda said there was little doubt that the Adrian Newey-designed car underneath him had been a key factor in him emerging from the season on top of the pile.

“Vettel is the top guy, Hamilton is the top guy, Alonso is the top guy, Schumacher is a top guy too,” he said. “You need a car, and you need a driver. Vettel is for sure as good as Alonso is – but you need a better car.”

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