Greek schedule for 2016.

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The Greek Federation of Motor Sport (DMAE) announced the provisional program Car Racing and Karting 2016. rally greece race kart

For the summary tables below indicates the following:

I. The final dates of the Championships, Cups, Trophies and vintage cars, including the Acropolis Rally and the Historic Acropolis Rally typically expect the adoption of the respective tournament from the World Council of the FIA, will be announced in December.

II. The rates, mandatory and prosmetrountes races of all institutions, and other details will be included in the Notice of Race 2016 to be released in December.

III. The dates of Drift racing, Dragster, 4×4, Atomic Timer and Virtuosity will be announced in December.



1. OLYMPIC RALLY (X) s.1,5 26-27 March AOLAP

2. ACROPOLIS RALLY (X) p.2 06-08 May OMAE

3. CENTAUR (A) p.1 04-05 June Love

4. FTHIOTIDOS (A) p.1 25-26 June dumb

5. TIF (A) p.1 17-18 September AOTH

6. Amarynthos (A) p.1 08-09 October ASMA

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I. Cup Central Greece

1. ATTIKO 27-28 February ALA

2. BRALOS 02-03 April dumb

3. ALMYROS 09-10 July OMATH

4. AG. MERKOURIOS 10-11 September GREECE

5. PALADIO 05-06 November START LINE


II. Cup Makedonia

1. THERMAIKOU 16-17 April AOTH


3. SERRES 25-26 June LAMS

4. DODONI 16-17 July study

5. VELVENTOS 08-09 October SMAV

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