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Pirelli avoids ‘cliff’ with 2016 F1 tyres.

Posted: 26th February 2016 by admin in Formula 1
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Despite suggesting that it would try to re-introduce the dreaded ‘cliff’ when it came to the degradation of its 2016 F1 tyres, Pirelli admitted during this week’s four-day pre-season test in Barcelona that it expects wear rates to be more gradual. Data from the test, which saw all eleven teams in action and ten with […]

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DRS The DRS (Drag Reduction System) is a new aerodynamic boost to the 2011 F1 car performance. The DRS is implemented through a driver Adjustable Rear Wing that permits temporary adjustment to the amount of downforce provided by one of the wings on the rear of the car. The DRS system reverts back to its […]