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Hosted by the charismatic trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, “Top Gear’s” unorthodox and irreverent approach to automotive journalism has made it popular with fans and critics worldwide. Since its inception in 1977 as an automotive news magazine and the show’s 2002 reboot into the current format, “Top Gear” has become a […]

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In keeping with its combative nature, Peugeot has decided to contest the 2013 Pikes Peak Hill Climb (Colorado, USA, June 30) which continues to stand out as one of motorsport’s most exacting, internationally-reputed competitions. Peugeot’s bid to win the unique, Colorado Springs-based event with the Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak has led to it joining […]

Comments Off on RCZ Racing Cup presents its endurance racing kit!

With wins in Germany’s VLN series to its name already, and following the recent glimpse of its potential in Spain’s CER series, details of the RCZ Racing Cup endurance racing kit are now available… Fully-built car or reversible kit! The RCZ Racing Cup is able to compete in both sprint and endurance races thanks to […]