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Kimi awarded as a “Sports’ Ambassador” at 2017’s Finnish Sport Gala. Another great achievement for the finnish Champion as he represents Finland in Formula 1 for more than 15 years now!Kimi awarded as a "Sports' Ambassador" at 2017's Finnish Sport Gala

Raikonnen: “I want to congratulate all who got awarded today and all who didn’t.
This is a great honor to get awarded. For whole my career I’ve had the pleasure of working with good people and good teams.
Right now I’m working in one of the world’s best companies (Ferrari) and teams. The biggest thing for me (in my life) has been the ability to do all the thing my way.
Sometimes there have been some mishaps. But all and all I’ve believed in my own thing and did just that. You don’t always have to do things like your neighbour does them.
Sometimes doing things your own way gets you success.”

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