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A new category may be formed from next year. PH Sport, which had begun as a Citroen Junior Team in 2008, runs the Citroen DS3 cars this year. While the FIA does not allow the current-spec cars to be run in next year’s main class, the idea of a separate category for them has been brought […]

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FIA President Jean Todt says he would be willing to accept calls to disband the Strategy Group in favour of determining the regulations alongside Bernie Ecclestone, but only if he felt it was right for the sport. Formula 1 has come into criticism for its convoluted decision-making process, namely the Strategy Group, which allows teams, […]

Possible problems with MP4-30.

Posted: 27th February 2015 by Ryan Cooper in Formula 1
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McLaren has an explanation for the incident, saying that because of aerodynamic problems, winds destabilized the MP4-30 causing it to reach the wall. Also it is rumored fumes due to bad design, may have entered in the cockpit causing fainting to the Spaniard.  In order to clarify the exact causes of the accident, the FIA ​​initiated research, in collaboration […]

Why Vettel’s pass was legal.

Posted: 1st December 2012 by admin in Formula 1
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Formula 1 fans, the media and Ferrari themselves have pored over YouTube clips from the Brazilian Grand Prix that appeared to show Sebastian Vettel overtaking Jean-Eric Verge before the end of a yellow flag zone on lap four. Yet although this short video was enough to prompt Ferrari to ask for clarification about the matter, […]

Progress made in 2013 Concorde talks?

Posted: 23rd October 2012 by admin in Formula 1
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A statement from the FIA claims that an ‘important step’ was made towards securing F1’s future in a meeting between the governing body, commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone and the F1 teams in Paris, and talks of a final settlement “in the coming weeks.” The splitting of F1’s commercial ‘pie’ from its estimated $1.5-2.0bn annual […]